About Bob Chatelle

Bob Chatelle’s Experience

Bob Chatelle
photo: James D’Entremont

Bob Chatelle began his career as a computer programmer in the summer of 1966 at Liberty Mutual Insurance company. It was the dawn of the third generation of computers, and he worked extensively in first COBOL and then IBM Assembly language.

Since 1987, Bob has been self-employed. Until the end of 2008, his principle client was Multi-Tech Systems of Mounds View, Minnesota.

Bob became interested in developing his writing skills in 1984 and took several writing classes at Harvard Extension School. After publishing a few short stories, he joined the National Writers Union. He served the union as Political Issues Chair from 1990-1996.

He served as a member of the union’s National Executive Board during 1993-1994. He became active on the internet in the summer of 1993, after he was elected to the Board.

Bob has been actively working for a number of important social and political causes. During 1986 and 1987 he was a volunteer for the American Friends Service Committee. In 1990, he became concerned about eroding First Amendment rights and worked to defend these rights, on behalf of the National Writers Union and as a founder of the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression.

While working for the union, Bob came to know a number of writers concerned about the plight of the falsely accused and wrongly convicted and soon joined the cause himself. In 1998 he and his partner, Jim D’Entremont, formed the Bernard Baran Justice Committee (BBJC). In 2002, he founded the National Center for Reason and Justice (NCRJ).

Bob designed the BBJC web site and authored its content. Bob did not design the NCRJ site, but has done extensive work on its structure and content.

Bob’s complete resume is available on request.